Empty – Emma Geiger (Official Music Video)

16mm, color
(release forthcoming)

Filmed by Archer Boyette
Edited by Archer Boyette and Emma Geiger

Filmed in Durham, NC

︎ https://emma-geiger.bandcamp.com/

Cold Moon Communion

16mm, field recordings, synthesizer

Melting snow. Creaking trees. The distant call of a great horned owl. A sister’s whisper. Cold Moon Communion seeks to make visible the sacred ties that bind land, animal, human, and plant.

Filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

we breathe each other in and out of existence

16mm film strips, digital projections, environmental field recordings, botanicals, tree stumps

we breathe each other in and out of existence is a multimedia installation that weaves analog, digital, sculptural, and sonic components to celebrate the magic of plant life and create a space of environmental reverence. All plants in the installation are harvested in Pisgah National Forest.

Interview with Lauren Henschel available here.

Phytogram Studies

16mm film, botanicals, non-toxic developer

Experiments in image-making with plants and homemade, non-toxic developer.

Acid Rain

16mm, creek water, bleaching solution

A cinematic recreation of the violence of acid rain. Developed with creek water and stripped with bleaching agent. Filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains.